How to create an Account on GpuRDP

July 21, 2022

How to create an Account on GpuRDP


Hello everyone, in this article, we will discuss “How to create an Account on GpuRDP”. It’s a very easy process. I will show you step by step.

Sign up Process

First Open your desired Browser, I will Prefer you to use the chrome browser.
Now open Our Home Page –
After this click on the Client Area button from the top left corner. It will redirect you to the Login Page. Now click on the Create Account button to go to the Registration page.

In the Personal Information, section type your full name separately in the first and last name field. Here we Have an Email Adress Field, it’s Very Important to give a valid and Personal Email Adress. All of your Order information you will get in your Email. so it’s Very Important. In the phone Number field type your country, you can change your county code easily through the drop-down menu.

After this, we need to fill up the Billing Address Option. If you are a company then fill up this with your company name. In the Street address option fill up your street address, you can also add an alternative street address in the street address 2 fields. After this type your city in the city field. Now set your country from the drop-down menu. now you can choose your state and type your postal code into the postal code option.

Now in the Account Security section, we need to do one thing just need to choose a password. you can choose your desired password or you can generate a strong password by clicking generate password button. for safety reasons just wright your password anywhere else.

In the last type, the captcha is in the empty field. after this just click the Register button. that’s it, you can see confirmation in your Email Address.



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